17 Stepper Motors with Aruduino Mega 2560

Hello Fellow Arduino users,

I am an engineering student who is fairly new to electronics. I have had some experience with Arduino but not much. I am working on a project with my professor that involves moving 17 stepper motors simultaneously (4 of which are on the same axis and should move all together). Any tips on hardware, circuitry, and programming?
I currently possess an Arduino Mega 2560, 17x Stepper Motors (NEMA17), an Aiposen 110V/220V AC to DC 24V 15A 360W Switch Power Supply Driver, and 12x Stepper Motor Driver Module A4988 + Heat Sink (I had planned to buy more). I was hoping to put it all together using the instructions in the link below:

Will all this hardware be enough or do I need more? More power supply? Resistors? Does the method in the link above sound like a reasonable way to control 17 stepper motors with the Arduino Mega? I've also heard about how helpful motor shields are, but it doesn't sound like it can handle that many stepper motors.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

You have not told what will be the maximum number of steps per second (all motors combined) that will be required. That is where a 16MHz Arduino may struggle.

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I am an engineering student

So you will know that scaling up any design is not just a case of making things bigger.
It is exactly the same with electronics. Other factors come into play like power supply decoupling and smoothing, physical layout and interference suppression. These sorts of things can be ignored with a small design like your link.

Most beginners make the mistake of thinking that scaling up electronics is easy, it is not. What is worst you can not tell how many extra measures you will need to take to get any large design working. That is why we have professional engineers.