18650 Battery charge algorithm process doubt.

I have some doubts about the process of charging for a 18650 battery.

In the charging process graph indicate a fase of constant current, and other of constant voltage.

for ex: If I have a battery with 3.2 V I can assume that it is discharger, I can connect a power supply of 5V and this must start to charge ?

voltage will increase, the battery will have an automatic conusme of 0.56Amps in the C.C. fase ? Or I need to limit the max current to this value ?

when battery reach the 4.2V the battery will automatic decrease the current ?

I can't understant how must be the charge process.

No the battery doesn't control the charge process. You need a proper charger to do that. It is the charger that limits the current in CC phase and the charger that switches over into CV at 4.2V. As the voltage is held at 4.2V the current naturally decreases.

If you just connect the battery to a 5V supply you will kill it.


ok, then in the phase of CC max Voltage input to the battery must be the max voltage support (4.2 V)?

In CC phase the CURRENT must be controlled. That's why it's called Constant Current. The voltage in that phase will be whatever is needed to produce the current, up to a MAXIMUM of 4.2V.