1D Perlin Noise

Hi, I'm trying to make an RGB led smoothly oscillate between colors. I've succeeded in doing this in processing with the noise() function, so all I need is to implement it on the Arduino.

Is there a low-memory noise library I can use? I also only need 1D, so would it be easier to implement the actual functions?


Did you try Googling "Perlin noise Arduino". There are plenty of results.
Here's one:- Perlin Noise Generator

And another:- Perlin Noise (Improved Noise) on Arduino

Also, the "FastLED" library has a couple of Perlin noise generators, that it claims are "absolutely the fastest Perlin/Simplex noise generators ever seen on Arduino." The latest version was released only a few weeks ago.

Thanks, I'll try out the FastLED library, mostly because I'd like to keep the arduino code and noise generator separate graphically.

I did look at those other links before, but they were rather confusing as I still don't quite understand how perlin noise works.

Thanks though!

There wasn't Simplex Noise library for Arduino, that I could find, only noise sketches so I ported the algorithm over to a Library. It's on Github GitHub - jshaw/SimplexNoise: Arduino library for Simplex Noise... Hopefully, this would help!

Hope some people find this useful,