1phase 230v 3amps motor start and stop

i want to start and stop 1phase 3amps motor using aurdino ...what should be my relay specification
and is it recommended to use solar pannel to power the aurdino board.

i want to start and stop single phase .5hp motor with 230 v 3amps rating using aurdino...what type of relay do i have to use..and what should be its rating

You will need a relay thats contacts can handle 3 amps at 240 volts AC.
What voltage the relay coil is will depend on what voltage you run the Arduino off.
What is your project? Knowing the whole picture of what you are trying to do will enable people to make sujestions.

Who recomended using a solar panel to run the Arduino?


I suggest you get a relay that is rated for about 10 or 20 amps AC. Motors are inductive loads and a bigger relay will be better.

An Arduino cannot provide enough current on its I/O pins to power a coil in an electromechanical relay. Either use s solid-state relay or use the Arduino to trigger a transistor that switches the current in the relay coil.

You could use a solar panel to charge a battery that powers the Arduino but I suspect it would be more trouble than it is worth considering that you already have AC power for the motor. i suspect you will need a much bigger solar panel than what you have in mind.


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