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I have worked through multiple tutorials on single use simple things. Changing relays etc. I'd like to make a project with a bit more web heavy elements. Specifically, multiple routes to show different things (/update for OTA updates, /log for log output, /main for main controls, / is an auth page) along with function output on page reload. For instance, when the page loads, tell me the current time on the device or the current PIN state(s).

I am having a really hard time find a project to emulate or reverse engineer that does these sorts of things. They may tackle a single aspect, but I am trying to learn how to tie it all together. Does anyone have a suggestion to a project or sketch out in the wild that combines these sorts of things? Also, I am coming from a scripting and web background (PHP, Python), so anything with explanations is great as I am getting lost in the way C does things as there is a lot of out of order and additional declarations that are foreign to me.

I built a weather station that had many of those functions. The weather information is on a web page on an ESP8266.

The ESP8266 reads many sensors (temp, humidity, baro press, wind).

The ESP stores some time history information in files (SPIFFS) that can be retrieved over the network from the web page and graphed.

ESP is programmed via OTA.

If I were going to do it again, I would use an ESP32.

Build a WiFi enabled rover with an ESP32-CAM or something.

+1 for the ESP32-CAM, it's versatile and cheap.

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I find pretty much every project I want to create includes what you have listed here so I created myself a sketch which I use as a starting point which may be of interest: GitHub - alanesq/BasicWebserver: My starting point sketch for any new ESP based project

Also an example of using the esp32cam in case of interest: GitHub - alanesq/esp32cam-demo: esp32cam module demo / shows how you can easily use the esp32cam including reading raw rgb data, streaming, displaying the image etc.(ArduinoIDE or PlatformIO)

That's fantastic as a starting point. Thank you!

Why not combine you new knowledge with you existing expertise? Arduino is pretty easy to get sensor information but is a really weak platform for serving-up web/graphics/ and doing advanced scripting. May I suggest an old PC or a Raspberry Pi and run NodeRed.

My playing around a few years back:

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