1st time and can use a lil help

Here is my 1st code ever, all sad and sick looking, I'm sure any help would be appreciated.
Essentially I am trying to control some relays that are timed I need a spot to add code that runs all the time too
Here's what I have so far.

const int drain = 13;
const int solenoid = 12;
const int PH = 11; //for future use
const int A = 10; //for future use
const int B= 9; //for future use
int drain = Low;
int solenoid = Low;
int PH = Low;
int A = Low;
int B = Low:
long previousMillis = 0;
long interval = 1000; //not sure what to do here I want it to run once, then do it again every 7 days
void setup() {
pinMode(drain, OUTPUT);
pinMode(solenoid, OUTPUT);
pinMode (PH, OUTPUT);
pinMode (A, OUTPUT);
pinMode (B, OUTPUT);

Void loop()

// here is where I wanted to add some code later that runs all the time, except when the the next part runs

if (drain==LOW);
drain = HIGH;
delay (1000600); //I want a 10 min delay
drain = LOW
if (solenoid ==LOW);
solenoid = HIGH;
delay (1000
900); //I want 15 min delay
solenoid = LOW;
digitalWrite (drain, solenoid)



When posting code please use the # icon.
You need to look at the blink without delay tutorial example.

delay (1000*900); //I want 15 min delay

I'm afraid that won't do it.

delay (1000UL * 15UL * 60UL);  //I want 15 min delay

But, as Mike said, have a look at blink without delay.

if (drain==LOW);

That isn't doing anything either, for two reasons.
1st, you've given the value 13 to "drain" so it isn't going to be equal to zero anytime soon
2nd, there's a semicolon at the end of the "if" that should not be there.

You've got semicolons where you shouldn't have them, and no semicolons where you should.

Take time to work through, understand and modify some of the examples provided with the Arduino.

Before you post code, it is normally a good idea to at least try to compile it (you don't need Arduino hardware to compile it, just the IDE).
If you don't understand the error messages, then post the code and ask what the messages mean.

1st, you've given the value 13 to "drain" so it isn't going to be equal to zero anytime soon

It's worse than that (he's dead, Jim!):

const int  drain  = 13;
int drain =  Low;

you might want to read from Pin13 !

...and learn to spell LOW

...and learn to spell LOW

And void.