2.00 mm 2x4 header

I bought two small pcb on eBay that have the NRF2402 transmitter ICs on them.
I have the pinout for the boards.

I hadn't realized until today that the 2x4 headers are no 0.1" (2.54 mm) spacing but very likely 2.0 mm spacing.

I want to be able to breadboard them.

It seems that my only option are adapter cables which leaves them dangling.
Am I right?


How obnoxious of them! Nobody wants to work with 2.0mm pin header :-/

Yeah, it's dangling wires, or an adapter PCB that converts from 2.0mm to 1.0" (I have one that does 0.05" - 2.0mm - 0.1", but it's for single-row connectors and you couldn't fit two of them onto adjacent rows of a 2 row one). There may well be dual row boards like that available though.


I was looking on eBay - where else? - but did not see anything.

Major royal pain.