2.13 inch flexible E-ink display not working

I am trying to make it work with my arduino nano, using the library GxEPD, specifically with the example named “PagedDisplayForSmallRam”.
I uncommented line 42

#include <GxGDEW0213I5F/GxGDEW0213I5F.h>  // 2.13" b/w 104x212 flexible

, wired it according to the mapping suggestion from line 30

// mapping suggestion for AVR, UNO, NANO etc.
// BUSY -> 7, RST -> 9, DC -> 8, CS-> 10, CLK -> 13, DIN -> 11

, then uploaded it, but it did not work.
It uploaded just fine, and the arduino did not have any visible problems.
Howewer, the screen simply doesn’t do anything.
I also tried saving the example, changing it in the way I described above, and then uploading it, but it also didn’t work.
I attached two pictures of my setup.
What am I doing wrong?


You need a connection board with the circuit for the panel driving voltages generation, e.g.
Connection adapter board connect for e-Paper display DESPI-C02

And note that the e-paper panel works with 3.3V supply and data lines; will be damaged with 5V!