2.2" touchscreen


i looking for a 2.2" touchscreen. can anyone tell one for under the $7?


Not sure if any variety of the ILI9341 comes with touchscreen. You'll have to do some research.

There are plenty of 2.4" with touch, both SPI and parallel. The difference in size is negligible (~3mm).

ok. more information: i will buy the touchscreen for my 2.2" tft lcd but modules with tft and touchscreen use so many pins. know any a 2.2" or 2.4" 2.8" tft display with touchscreen and no many pins and no module for cheap?

I am guessing English is not your main Language.

If you are asking for a module without many pins and cheap... Not much that can be done. SPI modules have less pins, but if you add touch and SD the difference is not that significant.

My advice: get a paralell LCD with SD/Touch and use an arduino nano just to interface to that display. This way you dont have issues with pins, refresh is very quick and the load to drive the LCD is not an issue for your main controller.

yes my main language is Nederlands. why need a tft with touchscreen so many pins. i can find touchscreens with 4 pins and displays with 8 pins.



Perhaps you could share your solution, just in case someone in future as a similar issue.

i buy a tft touchscreen but larger