2/3 midi inputs midi merge - arduino 2009

hi, i am quite new to arduino..my aim is to build up a midi merge with at least 2 midi inputs (better 3 midi inputs) and 1 midi output.

There are several arduino projects dealing but none (or few) with more than one midi inputs, (may be becaus arduino 2009 has only one uart??).

The firts midi inout will be conneted trought an optocoulper with the arduino uart, and what about the second one?

what is my best choice in your opinion ?

  1. use a sw uart using Ladyada's "AFsoftSerial" or similar
  2. add via I2C an hardware uart like the NXP "UART to I2C"
  3. use another "duino" with at least 2 uart (in this case what about midi libraries and all other stuff ready for the arduino 2009)?

consider that in the same time could be received from the 2 midi inputs a midi message and the "monster" should be able to manage both inputs without losses..

Thank You


Yes this is not as easy as you might think. You need two hardware UARTS so it is either the I2C of an Arduino Mega. The difficult part is that you have to parse each message and make sure that you don't intermingle messages together. This is especially difficult with the system exclusive messages.
Best of luck.