2.4 inch tft lcd shield shows only white.

I bought a 2.4 inch tft lcd shield with an Arduino from one of the chinese websites long time ago and have just had the time to play around with it but the screen is just displaying white.

I am using this library from Adafruit as I have read from other people that they have successfully got it working. But none of the examples work for me.

On the back side of the LCD shield the only writings are the pins and a text in the bottom right corner that says: "2.4´´ TFT LCD SHIELD"

Does someone have an idea on how to get it to work?

P.S. the identifier that is read by this code: uint16_t identifier = tft.readID();
reads 404.


Try this:

2.4 display

Nice. That kinda works.
At least I get the display to show something with the code on that thread.
I had to reinstall all the libraries that it depends on though.

The touch does not work as should. The x always displays 1023 and the y only goes down to about 800 no matter where I press. Kinda weird.