2.4" TFT cant read SD

Hi all, i have 2.4" TFT produced by mcufriend.com. working with arduino uno while using adafruit tft library but it didnt work with arduino mega 2560 same library. it working with swift library on mega but now i have SD card problem.

console output is;

Found ILI9325 LCD driver
Initializing SD card...failed!

where am i doing wrong?

Think about it. You have a Uno shield that is designed for a Uno.

The hardware SPI pins for a Uno are on 10, 11, 12, 13. This connects to the microSD. The hardware SPI pins for a Mega are on 50-53.

If you want to use the microSD on a Mega, Due, Leonardo, ... you must bit-bash them in software for pins 10-13.

The SWFT library only works for the ST7781 controller that was common on these 2.4" shields a few years ago. The SDfat.h library can bit-bash in software but is different to SD.h.