2.4" tft lcd shield touch screen problem

Hello all, I recently purchased the above screen with an arduino uno and seem to have a slight problem. From what I can tell the only way to connect them together is by one on top of the other. This basically uses all the pins the uno has and you cannot add anything else to it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to only connect it using male female wires and only the significant pins to just utilises the screen as a screen and not a touch screen, if that makes sense :)

Thanks in advance


I'll make some assumptions because there are different options out there and just saying "2.4" tft lcd with touch screen" doesn't provide nearly enough information to give a conclusive response. In any case, I'm going to assume that you have the 2.4" LCD that uses 16 bit communication. 16 bit communication requires 16 pins. Then you have the 4 control pins and finally the voltage supply pins. That's 22 pins minimum.

Now, the only way around this is if you know how to use shift registers and some other fancy stuff. However, you'd have to write a bunch of fun code for yourself in order to do it.

So, if you need to free up pins then you'll need to study up on some new stuff or you can just buy yourself a Mega or Due.