2.4" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino Uno R3

Hi guys I'm new to Arduino display interfacing. I purchased a 2.4" TFT touch shield for Uno R3 and I'm unable to find a library to run its code.
When I fix the display board onto the Arduino and power up, the display shows white screen but it slightly flickers. Is this normal for the display? This may be a stupid question but I have to ask it because I don't know anything about this.
Could you guys post the link of the library for this shield? The TFT board is red in color by the way.

Try here and see if this helps. I just got the old v1 Seeed tft and this page had what i needed.

Thanks ForSquirel for your help! It helped and it turned out that the .h file that I had was faulty.
I found the library for 2.4" TFT shield for UNO here: APC's March issue is on sale now! | TechRadar