2.4"tftlcd librarys and RTC_DS3231 rtc; ??

maybe this is really a programming question? anyway got this tftlcd

and a
3231 RTC
running UNO R3
got it running using


my problem is pin A4 in the libraries is used for the tft reset
the RTC uses that pin ..so

I bent pin A4 (reset pin) on the tft over and noticed it will reset with the slightest touch/ haven soldered it to board yet..

My real problem is I don't know how to fix the code .

a little over my pay grade... A little help would be nice.. thank you.

does any one have any ideas where I could find some code
or want to tell me what I need to strip from the tft examples?.

You have a regular Mcufriend Uno Shield.

MCUFRIEND_kbv library will tell you which controller is mounted.

Modern MIPI controllers have got a Software Reset command.

If you have a modern controller:

  1. Snip off the A4 pin.
  2. Solder a 10k resistor between the top of 5V pin and the top of (snipped) LCD_RST pin on the Shield.

Make sure that you call tft.begin() before Wire.begin() i.e. the DS3231 library.


thanks for the reply david.
what about the code? in the examples for ftflcd graphicstest referring to pin A4 as reset and the clock on that pin ?
wont that break my code?

ok... thought about what you said..
load tft lib then rtc lib ....will do
I think thats solved....
just need to solder that resistor now...