2.54mm pitch cable terminals?

For v2 of a project with space restrictions, I am looking for cable terminals (for say 20AWG, 24V, little current) which support at least 30 in a row without larger gaps.
Currently, I am using these (in the 6x version), but they seem a bit flimsy and I broke at least one already in another project. I would like to avoid that here.

Any suggestions?

The link in your post is broken

Thanks, fixed.

If little current, why 20 AWG? Sounds like overkill. How much is "little", really?

I'm using JST-XH connectors, 2.5mm spacing, a lot. Not a screw terminal of course but pretty compact. 20 AWG is a bit too thick; I'm using them for 0.3 mm2 wire (about 22 AWG) but it's actually a bit too thick already.

Most 2.54 mm pitch screw terminals are going to be rather flimsy, for the simple reason that your screws are so tiny! For those I'm normally using 3.81mm or 5.08mm pitch.

2.5mm pitch is awful, no standard electrically screwdrivers fit them either. 3.5mm is the narrowest screw-terminal pitch its sensible to have IMO.

For dense wiring looms with low current requirements IDE connectors and ribbon cables are very handy, 20 wires per inch. What's at the other ends of the wires?