2.54mm Ribbon cable in black?

I'm having a bit of a nightmare finding 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable. seems I can only find 3M 1.27mm in black.

Not even had any luck on Aliexpress. I know it's out there, I have a short black Pi connector in 2.54mm....but buggered if I can find it by the meter/foot from any sellers.

Or do I have this all backwards and 2.54mm pitch headers will fit on 1.27mm ribbon cable?

In the UK, but frankly, I'm at the point of being willing to pay more in shipping than the cable!

You don't like the rainbow ? :slight_smile:

what I've seen is usually for "2 rows" connecters

may be have a look there

(but 18 AWG might not be what you are looking for)

Does this help!

UK Based - I use them to get stuff quickly.

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