2.5mm audio/phone connector and ds18b20, not working...

I have wired my ds18b20 (roughly) as shown in the picture

blue = tip= data, red = mid = 5v, black = base = gnd, but am getting a return value of -127 (not detected). Any ideas what I am doing wrong, the sensor works fine without the connectors.

Hi without seeing the back of the socket its difficult to see if your blue and red wires got to the right tags.
Have you used a multimeter and checked, red to red, blue to blue and black to black continuity through the plug/socket connection?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

appears to be a faulty jack! Cheers anyway :slight_smile:

Be aware that jack plugs/sockets short out their pins during insertion and removal
and should never be used for power, only signals.