2.8 inch TFT shield

Hello! I've used David Prentice's mcufriend library with my 2.8 TFT shield and an Arduino and it's worked great, however trying to find resources for connecting it to a pi has come up short. Does anyone know if there is anything out there?

And I haven't been able to find a particular model number, only generic references to mcufriend, but the particular model is the one with an SD card reader and fits on an uno like a shield- others I've found have the pins on either one of the other sides (going the width rather than the length).

I don't have a Pi.
AFIK the Pi does not have enough GPIO pins for a parallel 8080-8 interface. (or 8080-16)
Which is why Pi displays use SPI.

And why the Waveshare abortion exists. (it uses an SPI shift register with an 8080-16 display)