2.8 ldc to 3.2 lcd screen

hi guys, i am currently running a 2.8inch touch screen with the mcufriend library that is using the side pins on a mega board, i would like to upgrade this to a 3.2 screen that i have,
i have the 3.2 running with the rinkydinkelectrronics, utft library,

is there anyway to reconfigure the mcufriend library to use the correct pins on the new screen,

i believe the mcufriend library can drive a ili9341 chipset as it is in its startup code, i just need to change the output pins but i am struggeling with the library as it is tied to the adafruit gfx, adafruit_tft,

any help would be muchly appreciated, before i rewrite all the code for the new screen,

thanks in advance

Please post a link to the actual 3.2" screen that you want to use.

3.2'' TFT LCD Display:

3.2" TFT LCD Display is a LCD touch screen module. It is a powerful and multifunctional module for your project. The Screen include a controller ILI9341, it's a support 8/16bit data interface, easy to drive by many MCU like STM32, AVR and 8051. It is designed with a touch controller in it. The touch IC is XPT2046, and touch interface is included in the 40 pins breakout. It is the version of product only with touch screen and touch controller.
This TFT LCD Screen Module, 40pins interface, not just a LCD screen but include the Touch, SD card and Flash design. So it’s a powerful extension module for your project.
The LCD has a wide viewing angle; the contrast is also very suitable.
TFT screen with SD card reader.
65K true to life colors.
240 x 320 QVGA resolutions.
Size: 3.2 inch

actual ebay link as follows


Just search this forum for TFT_320QVT and for TFT_320QVT_9341 with MCUFRIEND_kbv

Your link shows photos of the SSD1289 version with text saying ILI9341.
You have to do your own detective work. Then ask specific questions.