2.8" TFT LCD ILI9341 datasheet?

Hi guys,

I got an lcd.
This is where i purchased it:

With some help, it is confirmed that the lcd use ili9341 controller.
However, I cannot find the suitable datasheet for this thing.
Any solution?

I have already told you what controller and which library(s).
If you have a specific problem, ask the specific question.

The datasheet is widely available. Ask Auntie Google. The actual device is likely to be an ILI9341V


Thanks for the reply,

I did find the datasheet.
Right now, I’m trying to integrate sd card with tft.
I tried tftbmp_UNOyMEGA_Uno.ino
After uploading to Uno, the lcd displayed:
sd initialization failed
image not found

Any solution?

tftbmp_UNOyMEGA_Uno.ino (8.83 KB)