2.8 tft touch screen GUI with arduino !

Hi , ​
I want create simple graphical user interface. ​
, it contains Three buttons : calculator , contact us and about us ..and run it on my 2.8 tft touch screen with arduino ( uno ir mega ) , so is this possible !! How


Of course it is possible. It would be the best if you would study the examples of the libraries for your tft and would search for using the touch screen and printing rects and text.
At first you have to define everything, secondly you do the setup part, thirdly you create a void which is drawing the user interface and create a variable setting screen as 1, which are used at the and of the setup void and lastly you pust the query for touch input in the loop part. If the input is detected in the area of the calculator you set the screen as to and create a new void for the calculator, which is called then and you create an if-structure, so if screen is 1 you ask for the areas of the main menu, if it is 2 you ask for the areas of calculator an so on. If you would like to, I can send a simple example code in here

yes , send example code in here please ..

Hi there
Maybe u can give us an example?
I Would like to create a text Field and the input should be saved as a variable ...