2.8 TFT Touch screen taking up too many pins

Currently I'm planning to code a touchscreen which is going to serve as a user interface connected to the front of a makeup table.

Once concern I have is that the module I have must be directly connected to the Arduino, which isn't ideal as I would like to leave space to add my other functions.

I was wondering if there was a way to connect the touchscreen to the (Arduino Mega 2560) without them being in direct contact.

Would a STMPE610, a Resistive Touch Screen Controller be of any use?


The STMPE610 is a controller for the actual touch interface, i.e., it gives an X/Y coordinate and interrupt "event" when the screen is physically touched. What you need is a display with an embedded driver that has serial communication, like SPI or I2C. You currently have a "parallel interface" and what you want is a "serial interface". Generally you don't buy the driver separately as it typically has to be installed "on glass" meaning attached to the LCD display itself along with other circuits as the driver has to be fine tuned to the specific display for which it's being used. This is typically done by the LCD manufacturer. There are existing SPI and I2C interface displays that do just what you want. You simply are using the wrong display for your application.

Thank you for your answer

would this be suitable?

I know it's raspberry pi, but would it not be compatible with an arduino microcontroller.

If not, can you direct me in the right way with potential touch screens to purchase, as I am quite new when it comes to Arduino with touchscreens.

Have a look at the Nextion screens, the communicate via a serial link so they are easily remoted from the processor. They reduce the memory required to store a screen since you send high level commands to the screen since it has its own processor. They come with a screen builder program although it only runs on Windows.