2.8" TFTLCD shield on mega

I am trying to get a.m. display working with the example sketches but none of them are working.

The libraries I use are:

Adafruit TFTLCD

Can anyone give me a proper working sketch for just editing text for example please.

Thanks a lot,

Regard from Leo, (Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands)

Please provide a detailed description of what you mean by "none of theme are working".

Go on. You have been a member for over 2 years. And have even made Posts.

Provide a link to the actual screen that you have bought e.g. Ebay sale.


Either reduce the resolution of the photo.
Or just find the same item on Ebay, AliExpress, ... and post a link.

The colour of the pcb is useful.
Whether it is a MEGA or UNO shield. (number of pins)

The photo does not look Green.

You have a regular "Blue 2.8 inch Mcufriend" shield. It is a Uno Shield. But will fit any Arduino.
A "Mega Shield" has got lots more pins.

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv and Adafruit_GFX via the IDE Library Manager
Run the examples.

Report back with the ID. Other libraries are available for the "usual ID" controllers. e.g. ID=0x9341


If you broke the screen you would see cracked glass.

It would probably still read the ID.
Please report the ID. Most examples print to the Serial Terminal at 9600 baud.

Do you see the backlight LED? i.e. Black screen or White screen?


Go on. Serial Terminal must say something.

Run LCD_ID_readreg.ino
That does not use any libraries.


It says: "doesnot name a type".

Your photo shows a MEGA2560.

The LCD_ID_readreg sketch from the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples should run on ANY Arduino.
It certainly runs on MEGA2560

If you have an error:

  1. quote the name of the library example sketch.
  2. copy-paste the error line(s) ---- only the error lines
  3. if the errors are too big, copy to a TXT file. Attach the TXT file


You have pasted Gobbledygook. Of course you will get an error.

In the Aruino IDE select:


Build and Run.
Copy-Paste from Serial Terminal


reg(0x00D3) 00 00 93 41   ILI9341, ILI9488

You have a genuine Ilitek ILI9341V controller.

Many other libraries support this popular chip.

What are the buffer chips? LV245 or HC245 ?


That is the correct buffer chip.
Your pcb also has an AMS1117-3.3. So that is good too.

Current Mcufriend Red Shields have HC245 and no LDO regulator. Which is WRONG.

That is the correct buffer chip.
Your pcb also has an AMS1117-3.3. So that is good too.

Most current "Red 2.4 Mcufriend-style" Shields are WRONG. They might damage a Uno, Mega, ...
Most current "Red 3.5 Mcufriend-style" Shields are WRONG. They will damage a Uno, Mega, ...

Some "Blue 2.8" shields have wrong buffers and/or no regulator.

That is why I asked about part numbers. I could see the AMS1117 from your photo.
You have a GOOD product.


Your Shield plugs into the Mega2560. It reports the correct registers etc in #16.

If you installed libraries properly, all the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples should work 100%.

Thanks, but is doesn`t work

is not very helpful.

Which example? i.e. name
What is reported on Serial Terminal?


Go on. None of the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples are called “hello world”

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv and Adafruit_GFX via the IDE Library Manager
Run all the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples.

They should work 100%.

There is no point in writing your own sketches until you have run the library-provided examples.


In the Arduino IDE select:


Build and Run.
Copy-Paste from Serial Terminal.

Rinse and Repeat for every other example in the list from


This applies to any other Library that you install.

If the Dutch version of Arduino IDE behaves differently, please say so.
I do not speak Dutch but there are a lot of Dutch Forum members that can help you.