2 Arduino Board With Wifi Connection (My Graduate Project)

Hi Every One
I'm Newbie To Arduino And i Have A Graduate Project So Please Help Me Because I

want To Buy The Tool And Boards And Shields Star Working (i Will Depends on What

you Say)

My Project Is Make Connection Between Two Arduino Board Via WiFi To Send Signal

From First Board To The Second Board To Control or Run Any Thing Connected in The

Second Board

The Distance Between The Two Board is 200 Or 150 Meter

i Don't Know What WiFi Shield Should i USE

i Thing The Model XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4) Is Enough to Me

But My Problem is With The Arduino Board =(

I'm New And I've Never Use Arduino Board Before so of course every One Will Say

Buy Arduino UNO R3 :smiley:
but i Need To connect Two LCD Screen And WAVE Player Shield And WiFi Shield And


and i don't think that the UNO R3 Have Enough Pin To connect 2 LCD And WiFi


So is Arduino Mega 2560 :grin: is enough To me and is it Able to Connect All this Thing
and The Most Important Thing Can i Connect The WiFi Shield XBee Pro 60mW Wire

Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4) Directly with Arduino Mega With Out Need To Buy Any

Add-Ons or There is Some Thing Need To Buy it

I Have No Time Only 3 Month To Start Learning Arduino To Complete My Graduate

Project With it Later

So Please if any One Have A Suggestion any Note Please Tell Me because i To Make

My Order And Buy All The Things

Thank You Very Much


why there is no reply
is that mean there is no one work with xbee WiFi shield before

i really need help i want to buy the board and kit so please tell me which board and shield is correct to buy it

why there is no reply

Maybe it is because this is your graduate project not ours.

Also I am sure people are confused because xbee does not do wifi.

A search on google will give you many examples of the way to achieve what you want.

why there is no reply

Don't go bumping posts after less then 8 hours.

Don't EVER post like that again. Sentences start with capital letters, not every word in the sentence except the first one.

And pay attention to crofter. XBee != WiFi.

as what i said

im newbie to arduino so i thought if i want to make wireless connection between two board over 100m or more distance i should use wifi

i thought xbee wifi because its work with 802.15.4

thats all

so im sorry

and again
is mega 2560 enough and can i connect 2 lcd screen do show dufferent value or text in each screen in the same time

thank you very much

is mega 2560 enough and can i connect 2 lcd screen do show dufferent value or text in each screen in the same

It depends on which LCD screens you are considering. I have a serial one that takes just two pins. To drive two of them, a UNO would be perfectly adequate.

WiFi can be a pain in the ass. The WiFi shields do not CREATE a network. They connect to an existing network that allows connections (i.e. for which you have connection credentials).

XBees can be gotten that have 100 meter range, in both point to point and mesh network configurations. Point to point seems to be what you need. The XBees are very reliable, transmit any kind of data, and CAN form a network. Using point to point models, a two node network is trivially easy to set up. Using point to point models, and API mode (using Andrew Rapp's XBee library), more nodes are possible.

Using the mesh network models, huge networks are established automatically, as long as there is a coordinator functioning.

thank you Mr.PaulS

can you give me the URL for LCD Have 2 Pin

From SparkFun or any other website to Buy it



Check this out:

And the library for it:

Everything you need to connect it and code it is in there.