2 Arduino Duemilanove problems

Hello forum members,

I got my first Arduino today, and I have a 2 questions:

  • When I plug in my Arduino, the last sketch I uploaded runs directly. And I have changed my schematics, so there’s a possibility that my components are going to break.

  • The stop button doesn’t work; the last sketch I upload won’t stop until I take out the USB cable.

Does anyone know the solution to this problems?

Many thanks,
Deco Aoreste

Hi Deco,

Both described ‘problems’ are actually expected behavior.

The ATMEGA doesn’t have a start or stop button.

  • So it should start automatically.
  • The stop button in the Arduino interface is to stop the compile and upload process.

To turn off the Arduino unplug it.
Anything inside the main loop will run as long as it has power, which is forever, unless you lose power.

Could you upload a blank sketch to the arduino, once you have finished with a project, if you wanted to make sure you won’t fry anything between the time of plugging the usb cable in and uploading a new project sketch if you have already plugged in the new project?

Not sure what a black sketch is.

If switching projects, just undo all the wiring of the old project and upload the new project before adding the new wiring.

Not sure what a black sketch is.

void setUp() {
void loop() {

All pins are set to inputs by default and so this is the safest way to start up

Could you upload a blank sketch to the arduino

Black sketch…what…who said anything about a black sketch? ::slight_smile: