2 arduino mega's ethernet shields

Hi, Im working on a project and have 2 arduino mega’s running for this. the first arduino mega with the ethernet shield succesfully working controlles all the lights via html page to turn on or off the relays.
but in the second one when i try to install the ethernet shield i get a error and the code that i had doens’t work any more.

the first attachment is the working arduino code with the ethernet shield
the second attachment (password_6) is the working code without the ethernet shield.

what ever i try i cant get the ethernet shield to work.

what should happen is that when on het html page form arduino 1 the command comes to turn on or off the RELAY1 or RELAY2 that the command is send to the second arduino and that the second arduino follows the command.

hope someone can help me because im stuck.

ER_with_ethernet_v2.ino (11.9 KB)

escaperoom_password_6.ino (6.57 KB)

pins 50, 51 and 52 are used by ethernet shield for SPI, you can't use them for led. and set pin 53 to output. you can use it for a led