2 Arduino’s, Send/Recieve with Button Inputs and LED OUTPUT

Hey guys!

Standard disclaimer of being relatively new to the world of Arduino (but not new to coding) yada yada yada.

I’ve been messing around with my UNO for the past few weeks and I must say I’m hooked. So hooked I fact that I came up with a project, bought everything I think i’d need for it and didn’t think it all through (damn you amazon prime).

Essentially what I’m trying to achieve is to have my UNO send commands through a wired network based upon button presses. These commands would be received by a NANO, and translate into two independent LED’s being ON, OFF or blinking. Ideally I’d like to be able to have multiple slave devices, which could be individually controlled by the master, with the ability of being able to send a ‘recieved’ command from the slave devices to the master (however that will come later).

I’ve done a little bit of reasearch into TCP/IP communication, however I’m struggling to decide how to go about it all.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I’m by no means asking for you to do my work for me, however pointers, suggestions and ‘Use the search tool, idiot’ comments are welcome (I have done, but I may be phrasing things differently to others...)

Thanks guys!

Personally, I would use RF24 radios to communicate, wirelessly, between Arduinos. Since there is no PC involved the radios are easier, for me, than WiFi, Bluetooth, UDP or TCP. [

Here is a good tutorial for those radios.](Simple nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver demo - Exhibition / Gallery - Arduino Forum)

One master can talk with for up to 6 slaves.

Do you want wireless communication? How far apart are the Arduinos? Which Arduino boards? What data rate? How much data to send/receive at a time?

Hey groundFungus, thanks for the reply!

Arduino UNO and a NANO each with an Ethernet shield currently (although the shields are off brand until I’ve got a proof of concept, then I get to spend ALL of my money).

Wireless would be a bonus, however I’ve got a 5 port POE Switch I was thinking of using to eventually send power through. The problem with wireless/RF is that there is already a lot of bandwidth used for various devices in the locale I’m planning on using it, as well as more steel than I care to count. There is also a lot of pre-ran Ethernet cables, switches and patches with 10 VLAN’s available to me (hence why I opted for wired over wireless).

The data rate doesn’t need to be insane, a refresh over a couple of seconds wouldn’t hinder my ultimate goal. As for send/recieve at a time I’m looking at 4/5 slaves with one master and 3/4 commands per slave; a Red ON, Red Blink, Green ON and potentially a return message for confirmation (but this isn’t required).

I’ll totally take a look at that tutorial though, got a couple of other ideas that may benefit from RF24 radio’s.

Sorry, you lost me at Ethernet. No real experience there. Good luck, though.

If you try out the RF24 radios and have trouble, don't hesitate to post. We can help. And the author of the tutorial (Robin2) is often in the forum and can be of great help.

Don’t worry, I lost myself at Ethernet too. Networking is such a pain.

Thanks for your input though, I appreciate it!