2 arduinos communicating with rf 443 data transfer

I have an accelorometer on my first arduino and 2 servos on the other. I am planning to use the first arduinos accelorometer to control the 2 servos on the second arduino.

in between I have a wireless rf transciever 433MhzFSK data transfer module.

I am having difficulty communicating with the 2 arduinos and using the data transfer module.

In what way does your program not work? And can you please post the complete source code (sketch code)?

More info is needed, but it might help to look up past threads about these RF links.

They don't offer any form of error correction, so it's easy to lose bits if you don't have your own error detecting scheme.

And the big problem for a lot of people is that they go into a powersaving mode and you'll lose about 50 bits when you start transmitting. It's good to come up with a "starting to send" type protocol. Maybe send 100 0's followed by 5 1's. And then have the receiver listen for any number of 0's then 5 1's before it starts processing the incoming data.

I had one code for an acclerometer to move servos.

Now I want to use the wireless module to transfer the accelorometers data to another arduino that has 2 servos connected.

I don`t know how to code the first and second arduino. In order for the wireless to send data from the first arduino into the second.

Your best bet is to read up on the SoftwareSerial library to learn how it works. The software serial will let you use whatever pins you want for the serial comm so you can still use the hardware serial for debugging purposes.

Also make sure you have proper antennas built for the wireless receiver and transmitters, I had problems when not having proper antennas.