2 Arduinos connected to PC

I have connected to Arduino boards NANO and UNO to my LAPTOP and the problem is it is everytime asking me to select the board and the port, which is bit overwhelming. IS there a way to avoid it?

You could open up two instances of the Arduino IDE. Do not open the second instance from within Arduino but you have to open it trough the Start Menu of your Windows or through the explorer.

Then for both instances you can set the port and device separately.

You may consider it too much trouble but I solved the problem a different way. I have written a short Python program to compile and upload my programs using the Arduino IDE command line. At the top of each of my .ino files I have some comments that the Python program uses to figure out which board and port I am using. Like this

// python-build-start
// action, verify
// board, arduino:avr:uno
// port, /dev/ttyACM0
// ide, 1.6.3
// python-build-end

void setup() {


void loop() {

I am using Linux but I believe it would work just as well with Windows or MAC


or use 2 installs
copy one install to arduino.two
and make a seperate shortcut for it labeling each as uno/nano
then run one of each

may need to use windows to set each to run as a different user for settings to stick after closing