2 Arduino's + LCD + LCD smartie

Hi guys, I have 2 Arduinos. One is connected up to an LCD, with the Liquidcrystal LCD smartie code running. The other Arduino is connected to the USB port, and transmits data to the LCD Arduino via a 433Mhz wireless module.

It works, but the LCD just displays random characters and boxes etc.

I believe this is due to the way the serial is being sent between the Arduinos.

Here is the code on the LCD Arduino: http://pastebin.com/m5b94a91c

And on the USB transmitting Arduino:

void setup(){
void loop(){

Can anyone tell me how I need to format the serial data to send?

Cheers, Dan :)

Where does the data come from that the Arduino attached to the computer is reading?

If that data is binary, the serial_getch method on the receiver is going to mangle it, because it assumes that the data is ASCII.

If that data is ASCII, the Serial.print statement should be used on the attached Arduino to forward it, instead if Serial.write.

The 433MHz wireless transmitters and receivers are pretty noisy, by the way.