2 Arduino's on one MAC :Duemilanove /ATMega328


My project requires me to use two arduinos however the current ones for sale are the new Duemilanove with the ATMega328 chip which only runs on V13 or later. I am currently running my BinkM and on my Arduino Duemilanove which I got about nine months ago running with on V11 without any problems.

If I purchase a new Duemilanove with Mega 328 chip I will have to update to V13.. and I want to make sure that my original Duemilanov arduino running on V11 will run on v13 before I update. Has anyone else been using different versions of Arduinos on one Mac on V13.

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I've used versions 11 (or earlier) through 15 on the mac with no problems. i've got a MEGA, an NG, a ZIFduino (which is roughly a Diecimilla clone after my hacking), and a handful of serial boards. No problems.


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Thanks .. I will give it a go and hopefully will not have any problems.

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