2 Board Arduino PCB work in progress...

Hey I've been designing a 2 layer arduino board (still working on it) but any suggestions/improvements welcome. Plz check the link for more info and pics http://azncaleb.webs.com/arduinixpcb.htm ;)

Routed? I'm jealous!! I have to etch my boards and YOU get to route them. Did you build your CNC?

Congrats on a job well done.


Website seems broken here...#


link worked for me last night and still works this morning on a different computer. Not sure why itdoesn't work for you over there.

Have you tried just pasting the url in?

Ken H>

Yeah just worked out the issue, it is the stupid internet where I am, I will try it when I get home :P


No I don’t have my own CNC, I design the board on Pad2Pad then I order them online. So I’m not sure if anybody read my comments, but is the general idea of the board good? I just wanted a nice lil board with an arduino, power regulating circuit, servo outputs, a couple LEDs, a motor driver, and a few extra pins, and that’s what I came up with. Any suggestions/comments? :slight_smile: