2 channels, Rx gives the control, MPU6050 makes the stabilization, how?

I am a newbie in Arduino, and I have searched the code for Rc 2 channels control, Rx gives the control signal, and MPU6050 makes the stabilization.

I have 2 channel servo controls in UNO inputs and 2 channel corrections from MPU6050.

The input signals must be scaled for instance: -100 to 0 to +100 both from Rx and MPU6050.
Then these two signals, Rx and MPU6050 are summared boath channel 1 and channel 2.
The Max value is 100, + or -.

Can anybody tell me, where would be a ready code for Arduino Uno and Arduino Micro?

I don't know if there is ready code for that.
Typically, when a user has specific requirements, that user writes the code to meet those requirements.

There are many examples of reading RC receiver output.
There are many examples of reading MPU6050.

Go google up those examples and try them out. When you have each one working well, try to combine them into a single sketch.

If you have issues along the way, let us know. We love to help out with these kinds of issues.

Yes, that I am trying, but at the age 68 years, it is not so easy to learn new items.

Time to start googling. Find examples. Try to wire your hardware up and see if you get expected results on your serial monitor.

Out of curiosity, what is your project with the 2 channel receiver and gyro?

Here is my Mancave and there Heng Long T-90 Vladimir 1/16:

I am trying to stabilize the mainbarrel of T-90