2 DC motors run by 2 rotary encoders

I am attempting to run 2 dc motors with two rotary encoders, and was seeing if I could get some input on how best to set this up, or if I'm going about this the wrong way.

What I am trying to accomplish is running two motors (speed and direction) The control I need is one rotary encoder would run the speed of the motors, just like a gas pedal.The other rotary encoder would split which motor gets more or less power based where the encoder is turned, like a steering wheel.

The idea is working with a type of tank tracks so the steering has to come from speeding up one side or the other, but also being able to manage the overall speed.

I have been using LEDs as mock motors on my test board to run trials, and I have had luck with one RE getting the LED to dim and bright just like I need. But where I get lost is adding another layer of now splitting that overall power between two motors.

I have been searching all over the forums for about a week and I cant seem to find anything similar to what I am trying to do. Thanks for any feedback.

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Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: