2 devices on SPI bus TFT screen FTDI FT 810 + microsd card MISO confict

Im using

I got the FT 810 graphics engine to work which comunicates with arduino through SPI.
I’m using a sketch which doesn’t request data from SD card, however:

When I connect the micro SD card breakout board to arduino to the same bus the screen begins to stop working the moment i connect MISO from SD card and power.
Other pins SPI pins don’t cause this problem. I didn’t even pluged in SD card yet.

Any ideas?

I have read in datasheet (or application note) of FTDI81x (or older FTDI80x) that SPI lines are not open drain so you need to use line buffer(eg. SN74LVC1G125) to separate them.

That is a Catalex SD card reader. The older model has a problem sharing the MISO line. The logic level converter may be connected incorrectly. That converter/buffer is a 3-state device that allows the output to go into a high impedance state when the OE (output enable) is HIGH.

On the older Catalex card readers, the OE for the MISO line is connected to ground, so it will never release the MISO line. It cannot be used with other SPI devices.

The newer models, made within the last few months or so, have the OE for the MISO line connected to the CS pin, which does allow the device to release the MISO line when the CS (slave select) is taken HIGH. It can be used with other SPI devices.

edit: Here is the old type schematic. Note the OE on the MISO section is connected to GND. Bad.

I attached the schematic for the new type Catalex card reader. Note the MISO OE line connects to the CS pin.