2 direction transistor

Hello again to evryone in Arduino Open Source Community,I have one modded servo and I want threw transistor to control one motor forward and backward is that posible is there a transistor who have two path PNP and NPN.
The other question is my servo has only 2 cables for the electricity (+) and (-) before I had 3 one orange more who was for the signal. What can I do to back it and my servo go on fully rotate not only 90 degrees.

Is there a other way to control the motors forward and backward,because the IC L293 is not compatible for me.
Is there a way with transistors.

There's this too:


Somebody recently posted the below h-bridge design which looks interesting.

Ok I am intrested on this project : ArBOt 1.3, Autonomous 4WD Arduino Rover - YouTube can someone please telm me how he controls the motors.

Okey I understand,but I want to ask for last time the following thing:

If I take 2 transistors 1 pnp and 1 npn and program the microcontroler how to use them will I can do it by this way to control the motors forward and backward.

How can you say that the h-bridge is smaller ?
One h-bridge control only one motor I will need 2 of them to make that what I wan't.

To make one H-Bridge I have to use somethink like this schematic:

And two of them on any PCB,BREADBOARD or something isn't smaller maybe,are the best solution,for some other need but not in mine situation.

My only constraints is the space I wan't this project to be as slim as it can be (I know I don't use as-as right but I can remeber now for any comparison.).
Maybe I will read some schem. or something and will build in future some H-bridge,but only the time will show. :slight_smile:

Which transistor is good too use to creat h-bridge what time pnp and what type npn.

If you need a small h-bridge, it might be best if you purchased on from places like below.


Here is the servo datasheet : http://upload.robotics-bg.com/files/RS-2_servo.pdf

With what combination of transistor I have to use to run 2 of these servo.

What will hapend if I am using relay.

Then I would be able to change the direction of motor ?

Sorry I add DC I am thinking about DC++ program and by mistake added DC.
Ordinary motor I mean.

Doestn't matter lock it.