2 Gauges Web server with SD Card

I have a place in Colorado that I would like to keep an eye on when I am not therein case it freezes and suchlike.
I found a couple of projects that I have melded together that currently gives me 8 analog gauges and I am preparing it to take with me the next time I go there and install it at the property.

I got my version running on a mega2560.
I opened a port on my router and got a no-ip account so I can get to the SD Webpage from anywhere.
I used a color gauges version found on guthub. I played around with CSS to make the web page on the SD card look nice but when I tried to use a picture as a background it just won’t display.
I am kind of stuck now because if I look at the .HTM file direct it is fine in Dreamweaver and Chrome but from the Arduino just a blank box or no background if I try to do that instead.

Any help out there? :confused:

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Why would one bother with a picture on an Arduino based web server?
Where is the image hosted?

Post your code. And please use the code button </>

so your code looks like this

and is easy to copy to a text editor


Any help out there?

Yeah. It's your code. Fix it. If you need help, post it.

My Code is attached, The Picture is in the root directory of the SD card with the Index File.
I tried numerous ways of doing this, and this version of the Index file shows with a picture in the
background in dreamweaver but just white background live.
I’m sure it’s something I don’t quite get yet

Thanks for any help


code.txt (20 KB)

My Code is attached,

Can you post the output of having compiled that code using the IDE?


OK, I get it

I opened a port on my router and got a no-ip account so I can get to the SD Webpage from anywhere.

Is the router going to keep no-ip updated as to the remote ip address?

It seems to work

Here is the Arduino Code

IDE for 8 Gauges.txt (9.25 KB)


gaugetemp.txt (17.5 KB)