2 I2C buses on an ATtiny85

the project I am working on at the moment relies on I2C communication heavily, the easiest solution will be to have 2 seperate I2c buses on an ATtiny85 if i cant do it this way I may have to change to a different more expensive chip. has anyone had any luck with twin I2C buses on the ATtiny85 or putting 2 I2C busses on any arduino and the code used. kendrick

I2C protocol can be implemented on any 2 GPIO pins. It’s easier to simulate a master versus a slave, but they’re both possible. There are plenty of “bit-bang” libraries which can do this for you (like mine).

thanks for the input after watching a video and comparing prices I've decided to change to a mega 168, your library's should still be useful with that. kendrick

Why do you need two buses on the ATtiny (or the ATmega168)? Would a bus multiplexer (PCA9548) do the job?