2 inch Diagonal or Larger LCD display for Arduino

Hi all,

I’m new to using displays on uC, but need a large graphical LCD display for my project (preferably TFT). I would like something 1.5in diagonal or larger that interfaces with Arduino. I know there are many topics about this, and many displays available. Could anyone help me out by sharing your experiences about the best large display for arduino. Ideally it will have have color. Touch is unnecessary. Cost is <$150


Have a look at 4D Systems.


I think their displays are available from a couple of the major distributors. IIRC they have 2.8", 3.2", 4.3" and smaller as well. A 3.2" with touch is only ~$70 so should be cheaper if smaller and w/o touch.


+1 for 4D systems.

They also have a 1.44" and their newest addition, a 4.3" with a capacitive touch option.

If you are looking for a one off and easy to use this is the way to go.

Another vote for 4D systems (I've used the 0.96" LCD) as well.

Also, If cost is a problem, and you've got a bit of time, here is a $40 solution from Adafruit that looks good as well http://www.adafruit.com/products/335 (2.8" TFT w/ touchscreen).


Brad (KF7FER)