2 independent stepper motors, 1 driver?


I'm trying to setup an Arduino Nano that receives a code and then physically presses the button on an Xfinity cable box or my PS4. The cable box doesn't turn off via remote and the PS4 doesn't integrate with home automation unless it's in rest mode, and I want to be and to turn both off (and on) to conserve power.

I'm currently using NRF24L01's for my Arduino communication.

Parts I have at my disposal:
Arduino Nano
ULN2003 stepper motor driver (from elegoo starter kit)
Stepper motor (from elegoo starter kit)
Unknown stepper motor from an old pc dvd drive
L298N stepper motor driver
I have some servo motors as well

Can I have 2 stepper motors (that act independently) on 1 driver? I'd prefer to have less wires (1 power source for the driver) rather than use 2 drivers with their open power sources.

Do I need to get a new driver that can handle 2 stepper motors? If so, any recommendations?

If you have any suggestions about approach and how to mechanically achieve the push button action (e g. Other than using stepper motors), I'd like to hear those, too.


Judging by a quick look at whatever google first showed for elegoo and ULN2003, this controller has 4 input pins and 4 output motor terminals. With the 4 pins you tell the board to make the motor step, and the board translates that to the 4 motor cables.

If you would hook up several motors to one driver, the best outcome would be that they both do the exact same motion. Worst case, as always, you fry the board. If you want to move the motors independently, each motor needs its own driver that is connected to different pins on your arduino (so you can address them independently in your sketch).

Can I have 2 stepper motors (that act independently) on 1 driver?

No. Not if you want them to work independently.

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