2 IR Receivers using IR Remote library

Hi all,
I'm using Ken Shiriff's IR Remote library to send and receiver modulated 38kHz IR signal. The problem is it works with only 1 Receiver (pin 9 on Mega2560) using 8 bits timer 2 on the Mega2560. I'm using bang-bang control to move my robot left and right based on left and right IR Receivers. Can I add 10 bits timer 1 in the library to utilize the second receiver which connected to pin 11 on Mega2560 ? ( The sole IR sender also using IR remote library to send out 38 kHz on pin 3 of an Uno)

A search of Ken's site and probably this forum will provide a method to support multiple receivers using IRremote. I recall reading it before, but have never used it.

I presume you have figured out that both receivers will likely receive mostly the same signals (if in the same room), unless you have designed in some sort of physical screening etc etc.