2 led displays

I am completely new to arduino
i have a BS2 and i want to try to make some kind of score board using 2 standalone arduinos, one for each player
are they enough i/o pins on a stand alone arduino to have 2 led displays?
and do you need the crystal and caps to just use the avr microcontroller or can you use it by itself after you program it?

\thanks in advance

There are plenty of pins if you are using some sort of serial interfaced display. It might be tight if you are using one with a parallel interface, but if there is a “chip select” pin and the displays are otherwise identical you only need one extra pin for the second display. 12 digital pins are easy, 14 if you don’t use anything else like a serial port, 20 aren’t hard if you work at it.

The ATmega8 can be programmed to use an internal clock at 1, 2, 4, or 8 MHz. The Arduino environment doesn’t offer support, but you could recompile the bootloader and load it in then reprogram the fuses of the device and it would work. This clock is only accurate to 3%, but can be trimmed to be accurate to 1% in some circumstances. I think you’d be OK for rs232 serial communication at 3%, but it doesn’t leave a lot of safety margin.