2 liquidid automatic mixer

Hello everyone,

I'm a complete newbie in the field of microcontrollers but I want to start a small personnal project for the challenge and the pleasure of learning new things.

I'd like to buid a automated machine aimed at mixing 2 liquids together. A simple cocktail machine if you will. I'll put my hand on pumps, solenoid valve and so on . My main concern is what should I choose as electronic controller that fits my needs in the cheapest way, and that would be ok to program for a begginner like me.

I would like to have an analog input for total volume and another for the proportion between liquid 1 and liquid 2. Plus a start button. And then control 2 valves and 2 pumps and another motor for a mixer.

If you have any advice on which genuino card would be best or any other microcontroller that would do the trick it would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Seems doable to me.
I would start with an Arduino Uno or maybe a starter kit like this one if you don't have any other parts.

You have to work out a way of modelling first, say using LEDs in place of the pumps and valves. You'll need any Arduino with LCD to give feedback to the user on what he has selected. Develop the program, test it and finally make it all real.