2 NeoPixel Rings at the same time

I was trying to make a sketch of 2 NeoPixel rings which do their things on the same time without delay.
The sketches I made are filled with bugs, see the attachments. I think I am looking in the wrong way.
That’s because I have not much experience with Arduino, and I don’t understand it all to solve this problem. The only sketch which came close was Multi-tasking the Arduino part III. I tried to get elements out from it to use it in my sketch, but I can’t solve the problems I get with it.

I was also looking on the web for sketches with two NeoPixel rings on two pins, which can do different outputs, for example the first ring does a ColorWipe while the second ring does the TheaterChase …
But I haven’t found any. Who can help me find one …

NeoPixelStudie.ino (2.26 KB)

_2x24-2.ino (1.98 KB)

How do TheaterChase1() and TheaterChase2() differ? Why do you have two functions that do exactly the same thing?

There are several sketches and approach posted on a site called www.therpf.com (its a forum for movie prop stuff.. all aspects of it)

many people have been asking about and using Neopixels for the portal guns..etc..

There is also a tutorials on Adafruits site about leaving the 'loops' open for other things to happen.. which 'alters' how these patterns were initially added to the example sketches..

they might be a good read for you.