2 Nextion Displays with 1 Arduino Mega

Hello, I am new to using Nextion displays with Arduino. I have a project I'm working on where I need multiple Nextion displays connected to one Arduino Mega. There's enough serial ports on the mega to connect the 3 displays that I need but I can't find anywhere on the web that says how you would configure that. Anyone have any experience with this? Everything I've found is just one display with one serial port and doesn't even explain how you assign that serial port. Like I said I have no experience with using Nextion displays so any info would be appriciated.

That should not be a problem, you will need to connect each to a separate serial port. As the Mega has 3 spare serial ports it should be possible to make it work.

As you are new here and I have no idea how much you have read before posting you might find it helpful to know that support for Nextion on these fora is pretty much as follows:
You can follow the methods I set out in using Nextion displays with Arduino. My methods do not use the Nextion libraries, so while I am happy to offer help on using my methods I cannot offer anything very helpful for any Nextion library.
The original Nextion libraries are full of bugs. There is a link from my tutorial to some improved Nextion libraries created by Ray Livingston, I suggest those might be worth trying if you prefer to use a library.
There's also a separate Easy Nextion Library by Seithan, his methods are different to mine, choose which works best for you.
Beyond that the odd person occasionally offers a bit of help but not much.