2 process in same time? can or not

im making new project here, control stepper motor using 1)sensor and 2) ir remote

i want to know if it possible 8) to control the stepper motor using ir remote with sensor light. the flow of program is like this, if button on ir remote select 'auto' it will make the stepper motor controlling by sensor... then if the button 'manual' is select, user can control the motor move by remote.. what structure should i use?

it is perfectly possible to do that… I don’t understand what you mean by structure.

owh, nice explanation KE7GKP,

so it mean we must make the code separately? the code for running the motor and the remote and sensor

by the way, if the sensor program not include in void loop structure, will it possible to run(detect the light) until the button manual is pressed?

KE7GKP: For your particular case, each time through the loop you would need to do several things: * Check to see if a remote button had been pushed, and then act on that. * If a button changing mode from manual to automatic has been pushed, then change a variable that saves the operational state. * If a button operating the stepper motor has been pushed, then turn the motor * If you are in automatic mode and the sensor has indicated that the motor should move, then move the motor

thank for the tip..i will do try this..