2 pulses in 1 pulse out

I am doing an experiment with my e bike. Normally the magnet in the wheel activates a reed contact giving 1 pulse to the speed regulator resulting i a max. speed op 25kmh. I am looking for the code for Arduino when there are 2 pulses in and then 1 pulse out ( every 2 nd pulse in results in 1 pulse out). Who can give me the code?

What experience do you have in hardware and software ?

We can help you write the sketch.

Show us a schematic and the sketch you have written so far.

Before there were Arduinos, there were flip-flops.


The devil made me do it:



Hello Larry,

I do not have much experience. The sketch looks like this.

I just thought i could do this with Arduino. If i have the code i think i will get it to work.
I also think it must be quite a simple thing to built it with a board and components

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I do need a way to built this:

With Arduino or just with components.

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Sorry Larry, I do not understand…is this serious or humor?


This will divide the input pulse freqency by 2.

const byte inPin = 2;
const byte outPin = 4;

void setup()
   pinMode(outPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()

void checkPulse()
   static bool lastInState = LOW;
   static bool outState = LOW;
   bool inState = digitalRead(inPin);
   if (inState != lastInState)
      if (inState == LOW)
         outState = !outState;
         digitalWrite(outPin, outState);
      lastInState = inState;

Thankyou very much, you helped me a lot.
Kindest regards, Michael

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  • Just count all input pulses (pulseCountIn)
  • Ă·2 output is just the status of bit 1 in pulseCountIn
  digitalWrite(pulseOutPin, pulseCountIn & 2);

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