2 Serial conections on arduino zero

Hello everyone!
I want to take some date from a esp8266 and upload it to the serial monitor with a arduino zero but i need 2 serial chanels for that to work:
1 chanel for uart
1 chanel for the esp8266
So i did a bit of resarch and i got this code

#include <Arduino.h>   // required before wiring_private.h
#include "wiring_private.h" // pinPeripheral() function

Uart Serial2 (&sercom3, 7, 6, SERCOM_RX_PAD_3, UART_TX_PAD_2);
void SERCOM3_Handler()

void setup() {

   // Assign pins 10 & 11 SERCOM functionality
pinPeripheral(0, PIO_SERCOM); //Assign RX function to pin 0
 pinPeripheral(1, PIO_SERCOM); //Assign TX function to pin 1

 pinPeripheral(5, PIO_SERCOM); //Assign RX function to pin 5
 pinPeripheral(4, PIO_SERCOM); //Assign TX function to pin 4

void loop() {
if (Serial2.available()){

Which doesn’t seem to work!
I connect my esp8266 like this:

Just use the native USB CDC ACM port for the Serial monitor, and use UART0 (pins 0 and 1) to connect the ESP8266.


I conect my pc to the native port of the zero and the esp to pins 1,2?

No, pins 0 and 1 (labeled RX and TX).

ok but still it doesn't work
i connected like you said and it doesn't work

What code did you use?

It had no code,i mean the blank sketch

It had no code,i mean the blank sketch

Well, no surprise then ...

Do you need the Arduino, or do you just want to use it as a USB-to-Serial adapter?

Nvm i found something that seems to work now,thanks