2 servos. 1 pin

In r/c you can control 2 servo’s via a Y cable to a single signal channel on the receiver so they both work together.

Can this be done on arduino? In other words, 2 signal leads from the 2 servos, to one pin on the arduino so they both receive the same signal. Or is the best option to use to independent pins on the arduino with subsequent addition to the sketch?

Two servos to one pin is fine if you want them to receive the same signal.


Just to comment, in my experience, every single time that I used a Y cable, I soon wished I had enough channels to put the servos on separate channels. Being able to set trim and throw independently makes a big difference.

I do not know if matters in your application, but for my planes it always did.

What are you going to do with these?

Thanks for the replies guys. I have two doors to open on a model ship, the doors are made from lightweight plastic card. I put a bit more thought into this and it wouldn't work anyway, the two servo's receiving the same signal will make the servos move in the same direction. As the doors are sliding and move away from each other, the servos by definition also need to move in opposite directions. So it will be two output pins and not the one.

I did originally have them operated by mini linear steppers (for more precise control), but had to remove them due to fouling of the linear screw with epoxy glue when attaching other parts.

It's often possible to physically arrange servos so they move in different directions. You can sometimes even find makes that turn in opposite directions with the same signal, Hitec vs Futaba for example.

But if you have two pins available that's usually the better solution, not least because you can then make fine adjustments to the individual movements.